1 Sam 7:5 “Samuel said, Gather all Israel to Mizpah and
I will pray to the Lord for you.”

The first Mizpah Convention was held in February, 2011 at the Spruce Lake Camp Grounds in PA. The total number of participants was 87. The participants did not only seek the face of God but left the camp fulfilled and invigorated. The event also gave the leadership the opportunity to brainstorm to fine tune the vision. Some of the adjustments that have been made to the vision of Mizpah include the raising of funds to support an orphanage project in Ghana, West Africa. It is envisioned that, an orphanage campus will be built with a school, living quarters and a medical facility for orphans and their caretakers.

The annual gathering of the North America branches of Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International and other believers (from other denominations) at a designated location was the vision of Apostle E. K. Asamoah, the North America Regional Overseer. Mizpah was therefore envisioned to camp believers and create an enabling environment for participants to seek the face of God.

From 2011, six other successful Mizpah Conventions have been held annually with a progressively increasing number of participants. The last Mizpah was held in April 2017 at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ with about 800 participants.
It’s the goal that Mizpah will be an event for people from all walks of life where basic christian tenets are taught, a passion to help the disadvantaged in our world is aroused and a closer relationship with God is fostered in the lives of all participants.
Be on the look out for the next registration date on this website and make it a point to be in attendance at the next Mizpah. God richly bless you.